6 Sep 2018

I've been very good at getting through products recently. I think it's because I've had less products to try, as I stuck to a steady routine before the wedding, it's been easier to finally finish some products. I've got a few skincare and bodycare bits to share my final thoughts on...I'll go from left to right on the photo so I'll start at the Neal's Yard Organic Eye Make-up Remover. This was so lovely to use over the Summer, especially when I suffered with hayfever really badly. I wear contacts so my eyes can get puffy and really quite sore and this helped to soothe my eyes, thanks to the aloe vera and rose water. It didn't remove my Ere Perez Waterproof Mascara fully as I do need an oil for that but it removed my other makeup well. I would definitely repurchase again in the Spring/Summer.

I featured the Ben & Anna Vanilla Orchid Deodorant in a recent haul of mine and I've finished it already. It comes in a cardboard tube which is really eco-friendly but it does get a bit tricky when you get towards the end and you have to use something to push it up from the inside as my fingers aren't long enough. Overall I found it to be a really nice deodorant however since the weather has got a bit colder, I've found it's harder to apply as it's quite solid and it doesn't melt as easily. I would repurchase but probably save it for the Summer as it was quite irritating at times on my skin having to press quite hard to warm up the deodorant to apply.

I had ordered a couple of Elsa's Deodorants from Love Lula and I also got one in their beauty box recently so I've used up three! I'm a really big fan of the deodorant and I'd definitely recommend it - the only issue for me is it runs out quite quickly and it's difficult to use when you get to the bottom as the pushy-up part is split into three holes (really hard to explain!), but the thin layer of deodorant that's left ends up breaking up and either falling off or falling down into the bottom of the tube. I would still buy again though as I found it worked well and didn't cause any irritation - my favourite scent is Dew.

I love using oils to remove my makeup before cleansing my skin and the Stripped Skincare Makeup Remover is a lovely one to use. A simple blend of grapeseed, jojoba & castor oils with lavender essential oil - it's lovely to use in the evening and really well priced at just £8 for 50ml.

A new brand I discovered recently is Botany Blend and I was sent their Meru Oil before the wedding. I did use it a little bit before but mostly after the wedding as I didn't want to mess up my skincare routine. It is a luxury face oil with lovely ingredients - sacha inchi, safflower, prickly pear, neroli & lotus - with a luxury price tag of £49 for 30ml. It is 97% organic so the ingredients are high quality but I didn't notice that much of a difference with my skin when using it - I think because I had such a strict routine before the wedding my skin hadn't been that bad in terms of breakouts so I'd perhaps try a sample of their Aceso oil next time as that seems like ingredients that would be more suited to my current skin issues.

One of the newest additions from BYBI Beauty is their Supercharge Serum - it's a blend of quite a few oils but does feel quite like a dry oil when you apply. I don't really feel like my skin needs a serum and an oil so I just used this as my moisturiser. It's nice but again, didn't really do much for my skin so I wouldn't repurchase.

A favourite toner of mine is the Indie Lee Co-Q10 Toner. It's lovely to use over the Summer in the mornings. I use it after cleansing my skin to refresh my skin and give it a hydrating boost. It's alcohol free too which I love as a lot of toners can be quite drying!  

Probably my favourite exfoliator - The Body Deli Blueberry Fusion Micro Scrub. I think this is my fourth jar! It's very strong on the skin so I wouldn't recommend for those with sensitive skin but it works amazingly to remove dead skin cells, dry skin and it just brightens up my face the next day.

I'm a huge fan of Vedani Botanicals, especially the cleanser and facial oil. I recently finished the Silky Serum No 12 and I would definitely repurchase. If my skin is ever feeling or looking not quite right, I reach for this! It helps to calm my skin and even my skin tone.


Everyday Natural Makeup

25 Aug 2018

I wear makeup on a daily basis but I haven't really done many makeup posts on my blog. I have stuck to quite a steady routine over the last few months and found some holy grails so I thought I'd share my current everyday natural makeup routine!
For my base I start with the Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation (I'm the shade Chai). I bought this for my wedding and it did not disappoint. It has lovely coverage and leaves my skin with a lovely glow. I just need a little bit of Hynt Beauty Concealer for my dark under-eyes and over any redness or spots I might have.

For my eyebrows I'm a huge fan of Eco Brow. I have the shade Penelope. I apply it with an angled brush and I like it because you can go quite heavy or fairly soft to just fill in any gaps.
For the rest of my face I've been using RMS Buriti Bronzer as a slight contour and to warm up my face throughout the Summer months. I've also been switching between two blushers depending on the day; Ere Perez Carrot Pot or Pure Anada Powder Blush in Sweet Pea. I use the EP pot on cooler days as it's a cream blusher and then powder when I want something a bit more longer lasting.

To finish I add a bit of the Modern Minerals highlighter on my cheekbones and then a small dusting of the Green People Powder as the foundation can be quite glowy and sticky so I just use that to lessen any shine.
Then for my eyes I've been using the Ere Perez Waterproof Mascara or Inika Mascara. The Ere Perez one is my favourite but that's almost finished so I'll start using the Inika one more often soon & will update this with a bit more of a review on it once I've used it a little more.

And that's it! A pretty simple but really nice natural makeup look!


Green Beauty Haul

13 Jul 2018

I've bought a few new things recently so I thought I'd share my green beauty buys in a haul post.
Before I got married the lovely Elijah from Bodhi & Birch got in touch to see if I'd like to be on the panel for trying out a few of the products from his new Superfood Series. Unfortunately it was only a couple of weeks before the wedding so I had to say no as I didn't want to risk messing up my skincare routine but since I got back I purchased myself the Avo Bao Balm and Elijah very kindly included minis of the other products too.

The Tomato Seed Cleansing Oil is such a lovely cleanser and I've been enjoying using the balm too! I'm yet to try the mask but the toner and serum are lovely products too.
abeautifulworld are currently running their Summer Sale with up to 50% off and I was talking to Paul one morning about how he'd run out of Proverb moisturiser and he'd gone back to Nivea (gross), then I got the sale email! I bought him the Proverb Moisturiser as it was on sale for £35! Liz kindly included a few extra goodies for Paul to try too from Brickell so I'll keep you all posted on how he gets on with those!
 I was having a browse on Content and came across the Ben & Anna range. They have deodorants which I've seen before but also a Sugar Hair Removal kit. I needed a new deodorant so I bought the Vanilla Orchid one and also the hair removal kit. I'm really liking the deodorant so far and it comes in eco-friendly cardboard packaging. I haven't tried the hair removal kit yet but will post my thoughts when I have!

I also did a bit more browsing and saw Tincture which is a natural cleaning brand I've been meaning to try, so I picked up their All Purpose Spray to see how well it works. Then I popped a Dr Bronner's Peppermint Castille Soap in my basket as it's always handy to have round the house and I particularly like using it for cleaning makeup brushes.

I saw an Instagram live from Nini Organics about an amazing offer they had on a couple of weeks ago where they were giving away gifts with your purchases. I had my eye on their Natura Detox Oil so I bought that for myself and got two free face products - Coffee & Cacao Scrub and the Natura Miracle Mask. I'm yet to try any of them but I'm excited to try them all!
Let me know if you'd like me to review any of these products in full!


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Formula Botanica Graduate Products

25 Jun 2018

*This post is sponsored by Formula Botanica*

Last year I had the pleasure of attending the Formula Botanica Annual Conference in London where I got to meet Lorraine, founder of Formula Botanica and other members of the team who work together at this natural skincare online school.

I got to see first hand the passion that all of the students have for creating natural skincare products & we heard from some of their graduates too which was amazing - so many inspiring women running their own businesses using all of the information and knowledge from studying at Formula Botanica.
If you've not heard of Formula Botanica before, they are an online accredited organic skincare school who have over 4600 students in 129 different countries around the world. How incredible is that? A few of my favourite green beauty products come from graduates of Formula Botanica and there are plenty more that are on my list to try.

It's so incredible that you can start learning how to create your own organic skincare business from anywhere in the world. To showcase some of the amazing products from their graduates, Formula Botanica sent me a box full of natural products from brands all around the world; Miami, Australia, Indonesia & Canada to name a few! I've been trying the products for around a month so I thought I'd go through each product, telling you all the details on the brand & founder, my initial thoughts on each product & also where you can get your hands on them too!

Jalue is the brainchild of Azerbaijani entrepreneur Jale Demirchi, who was immersed in Russian skincare heritage and the traditions of herbalism from birth.

Their Ice Therapy Cone is so, so different and intriguing - I've never seen anything like this before. It's inspired by a Russian skincare tradition that dates back to Catherine the Great who was said to have applied an ice cube to her face, neck and décolletage every morning to preserve her beauty and refresh her complexion. Russians later improved upon this ritual by adding different skin beautifying herbs to the ice for the ultimate skincare treatment.
To start, you brew one of the herbal tea bags which are filled with chamomile, sage, nettle, rose and oak bark (there are four provided in the box), and leave it to cool. Once it's cooled, you pour it into the silicone cone and then pop it in the freezer. Then to use, simply take off the lid and pop it out (like an Calippo ice lolly), and massage over your skin for a mini ice facial! Some of the benefits of ice therapy include reduced puffiness, calmer & tigther skin, reduced size & appearance of pores and glowing skin!

This has been so lovely to use around my eyes as I've been suffering really bad with my hayfever this year and my eyes are especially itchy, puffy & sore. I've been massaging this around the eye bone area and it's so cooling and reduces the puffiness almost immediately. I can't say I'd use this during the colder months but it's definitely been a lovely treat over the last few weeks as we've had some really nice weather! I'd definitely need to use it more to notice the effects more over my whole face, but I just think it's such an intriguing product! You can buy Jalue from Content Beauty, including refill herbal sachets.

Metta Skincare
Metta Skincare was founded by Anca Grigoras in 2013 in Australia and all of their 100% natural products are handmade in Melbourne. They have a staple range of skincare products ranging from balms to a body butter & oil. I love the idea behind their name..."Mettā is an ancient style of meditation that encourages loving-kindness with yourself and the world around you. Mettā Skincare shares much with this style of meditation. We wish to help reconnect your daily skincare routine to nature through a practice of loving-kindness for your skin".
I'd heard of Metta but hadn't tried any of their products until now. I've been using their Body Oil which is a lovely rich blend of grapeseed, macadamia, jojoba & sweet almond oil and is scented with lavender essential oil. It isn't a very strong scent which I actually do love because sometimes lavender can be a bit overpowering and I usually apply oils before I go to bed and if I use anything too strong then my husband doesn't like the smell! I've really been enjoying this oil and it definitely makes me want to try more from the range.

Skin Dewi
Skin Dewi is a sensitive skincare brand created in Indonesia by Dewi Kauw. Dewi created her range of products after her second daughter suffered with allergies and atopic dermatitis. Wanting to stay clear of prescribed steroid creams, Dewi started to make her own DIY products to use which led to her wanting to develop her journey into formulating her own skincare products.
There's a range of products available from Skin Dewi and I've been using the Helichrysum Brightening Vitamin C Serum which is their best-selling product. It's created with skin-brightening, pigment-lightening and anti-aging botanical extracts, actives and vitamin C to target uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation.

It is a really lovely serum - a very light lotion style consistency that sinks into the skin quickly. I don't think this one is particularly that suited to my skin as I am only 25 so anti-aging isn't really worth using right now and I don't have any pigmentation either so I'm going to pass this onto my Mum as I think it'll be a better fit for her skin. I've got my eye on their Balancing Face Emulsion and the Calendula Soothing Gel which I think would be the right fit for my combination skin.

Lilfox Miami
I've loved all of the products I've tried from Lilfox Miami, I think their products are lovely, the packaging is sleek and so pretty and whilst they are a Miami based brand, their products are available at abeautifulworld. Created by Alexis Rose, Lilfox is a luxury botanical skincare brand, formulated with botanical extracts, exotic oils, unrefined plant butters, mineral rich clays and crystals. I love this quote from abeautifulworld - "If sexy did skincare this would be it".

I'm a big fan of their Rainforest Honey Mask so I was excited to try the Bamboo Charcoal Masque. It comes in powder form which can be mixed with water, oils and hydrosols to create a liquid mask.

It's made with rhassoul clay, dead sea clay, activated bamboo charcoal & fullers earth clay, along with raw cacao, turmeric root, marshmallow root, lavender, frankincense & gotu kola. I really like the consistency of this mask because it doesn't dry too quickly on the skin. I like to keep it on for a while so I keep a toner nearby so I can spritz my face every few minutes. You can also mix a little bit of the Rainforest Mask in for extra hydration which suits my skin as I can get quite congested skin but also sometimes have dry patches so it's a lovely mix. 

Okoko Cosmetiques
Okoko are a Vancouver-based natural, luxury skincare brand who make radiance-enhancing products that relax the mind & promote glowing skin. When I opened their Sublime Balm, I was wowed by the colour - look at that gorgeous shade of orange!  
The gorgeous orange balm has a huge range of uses - as a balm cleanser, an overnight mask, a highlighter for the face, as an exfoliator (mix with a little bit of plant powder or fine salt crystal) or just for anywhere that needs a little bit of extra nourishment. It's formulated with an antioxidant-rich blend of astaxanthin, tomato oil which is rich in lycopene, and fermented willow bark. It also has mango & kokum seed butter, argan oil, sea buckthorn extract (which I guess is partly where the gorgeous colour comes from along with the tomato oil),  and it's scented with bergamot, jasmine, patchouli, neroli and geranium rose.

A little does go a long way with this balm which is great as it does come with a luxury price tag. I think this would be a skin-saver during the colder months, especially on my face as an overnight mask as my skin tends to dry out a lot during the Winter months!


What I love the most is that all of these brand owners have studied & graduated from the same or similar courses at Formula Botanica but have each created something so unique and different to one another. From luxury skincare to ice therapy and products specifically for sensitive skin, there's such a huge variety to choose from.

If you're interested in studying to learn about formulating your own skincare products then the Summer School enrolment is opening very soon at Formula Botanica! There's courses on organic skincare, haircare, cosmetic science, anti-ageing skincare and more!

If you're just a green beauty enthusiast like me and want to discover new natural skincare brands then head over to the Graduates section on their website! A few other graduates you may know of include BYBI Beauty, Wild Beauty Apothecary, Field Botanicals, Blue Labelle & Alexa Sky Botanicals.

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