Conscious/Ethical Everyday Swaps

13 Jun 2018

I've been trying to make some small everyday swaps over the last couple of years to live as consciously as possible, minimising the amount of plastic I use and always recycling at home & elsewhere if I can. I thought I'd do a post on small things that are easy to do/change that are more ethical & conscious for the environment.
I recently saw on Instagram the launch of "The Ethical Box" and for their first box, they created a starter kit for a more conscious, ethical lifestyle (this box inspired this blog post!). I already use a bamboo toothbrush but there were a few other items in the Get Started Kit that would come in handy so I bought it! Included in the box is; a reusable coffee cup from Ecoffee, a 100% biodegradable bamboo toothbrush from F.E.T.E, a pack of four steel straws with cleaner plus jute carry pouch, (ideal for popping in your bag for a day out) and a 100% organic and fair trade cotton Tote Bag with The Ethical Box #ConsciousConsumer phrase on it.
I really like the contents of the box and think it's a great way to start making everyday changes in your life. I love the coffee cup (although I only drink tea, not coffee...yuk!) and I was in need of a new toothbrush. The straws are an amazing idea and I definitely could've done with those on our honeymoon as our hotel didn't have straws due to the damage they cause to sea creatures & our oceans.

I tried to use a menstrual cup for my periods but unfortunately I didn't get on with it that well. I find them tricky to use and also a bit of a pain when you're out and about so I went back to my trusty TOTM Organic tampons. You can subscribe to get a monthly delivery through your door which is really handy. The tampons come with card applicators, wrapped in paper so there's no excessive plastic use and the cotton used is organic.

Another swap for my periods is using the "Fab Little Bag" tampon bags. I admit I used to flush them but now I use these as it's so much better for the environment. They are biodegradable, can be opened one-handed and you can buy small packs to keep in your handbag for when you're not at home. "Our mission is to stop pollution caused by flushed sanitary items, to turn awkward disposal into a fab experience and to break down the taboo around periods while we’re at it!" - Fab Little Bag. I've signed up to their subscription for £2.99 a month (20 bags) and you get a 1 month free trial & there's a 10p sign-up fee.

Who Gives a Crap (great name!) are a toilet roll company who make 100% recycled toilet paper and 50% of their profits are donated to help build toilets. I signed up for a free trial and received a box full of a mix of their products; toilet roll, kitchen roll & tissues which are all scent, dye & ink free. They have a premium range of toilet roll which was super soft and comparable to the likes of Andrex. Their normal range isn't quite as soft but it is still very good quality and soft.

To get £5 off your order, sign up via this link. 48 rolls for £31 instead of £36, making it around 65p per roll. I've signed up to receive 48 rolls every 16 weeks as it's only Paul & I in our house.
I was sent a gorgeous rose-gold metal razor personalised with my name from Friction Free Shaving which I featured in my Green Beauty Honeymoon post but unfortunately I accidentally left it in a hotel room in New York (doh!). I really wanted another so I bought myself one when I got home and had it personalised again. It's a great way to save on disposable razors every month. Friction Free Shaving are a monthly razor company who send you four heads each month that can be swapped onto the razor each week. In June you can get 25% off (£6.75 instead of £9) and FREE engraving (worth £5) with the code JUN25.

One thing I haven't photographed as it's on its way in the post is a reusable water bottle! I just won a bottle from Verd which is the most gorgeous rose gold metal bottle, I will share a photo once it arrives! You can order on Amazon.


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What's New in Green Beauty

29 May 2018

Since I was busy with all the wedding prep, I haven't been blogging as much as usual but now I'm back! I also have missed quite a few new releases as I was away so I thought I'd share a few new green beauty releases from the last month or so...

Tropic Hair have bought out a new range of haircare products which I'm excited about. I've been loving Tropic products recently! I got my hands on their Clarifying Hair Wash and the Hair Smooth Radiance Oil which I'm looking forward to trying. I don't use conditioner anymore so sometimes my hair can be a little frizzy and so I think the oil will be perfect for using as and when I need it - it can be used on wet hair, before blow-drying, as a treatment or simply after styling as a finishing oil.

Kure Bazaar have released a few new polishes for SS18 and I was sent two shades; Sunset & Cosmos. I love Kure's range of colours and they are now all up to 90% natural, 10-free and they have also eliminated the use of benzophenone 1-3 which has been a talking point for debates recently in the green beauty world. I've been loving wearing Sunset, it's the perfect Summer shade! 

Some of you may know that I collaborated with Joanna from Mallow & White on the Blossom Balm which is stocked at Nectar & Bumble which is so incredible and exciting. Joanna has now released three brand new balms to go alongside her beautiful collection. I got my hands on the Restore Balm which is a blend of 6 ingredients; shea butter, grapeseed oil, pomegranate oil and geranium, lavender & orange essential oils. It is for use on the hands & body for specially dry areas that need a bit of nourishing. This was one of the first products that Joanna ever made so it's lovely to see it making a comeback since her re-launch a couple of years back.

Antipodes have launched a brand new product - Halo Face Mask which is a mud mask that claims to brighten and lift skin. It is infused with antioxidant compound Vinanza® grape and kiwi which works to lighten skin and even skin-tone as well as volcanic mud from New Zealand & peony which I have never seen in any of my skincare products before! It's a really nice mask - nice and thick so you get a really nice layer of mask on your skin. It dries fairly quickly and it can be a bit of a pain to remove if you leave it on but I think it's a lovely mask on first impressions.

The newest release I've discovered is the Sister & Co Oil. It's called the True Cleanse Cleansing Oil and is a blend of organic cold-pressed apricot, jojoba and grape oils infused with rose otto and frankincense. The oil is 100% natural, vegetarian, vegan, gluten & dairy free, made with certified organic ingredients. It comes with an organic cloth to remove the oil after use and it works to take of makeup & get rid of impurities in the skin.

And last but not least isn't exactly a new release product-wise but last week I received a lovely parcel from Alchemy Oils who have launched their new packaging for their hair oils! If you head over to my Instagram story highlights "in the post" (@thisnaturalbee) you'll see the rest of the parcel which was one of the loveliest PR parcels I've ever received - full of everything I need for a relaxing night in for some "me time". The new packaging features a dropper making it a whole lot easier to distribute and use the Grapefruit Hair Remedy Oil.


My Natural & Organic Wedding/Bridal Makeup

12 May 2018

I got married! Yay! I will be sharing a full post with more photos and details from our wedding day but I thought I'd share my wedding day makeup first.

Back in December I had a makeup trial for my wedding with the lovely Lilian Komor. I wanted to have a trial to see the kind of thing that I liked, before hiring a natural/organic MUA in New York for the actual day. Unfortunately there aren't many who solely use green beauty and those who do were out of my price range. I didn't want to risk paying so much without having a trial with the person so I decided to do it myself.
Lilian helped me choose which colours to go for, what products to use and then it was down to me to practice before the big day!

I'll start with the base - I used the Ere Perez Foundation in Chai all over my face and down my neck. I bought this around a month before the wedding as I was originally going to go for the Inika foundation but found it wasn't as high coverage as I'd have liked for my wedding day. I love the Ere Perez one - it has amazing coverage with a lovely glow.

I used my trusty Hynt Beauty Concealer under my eyes, on any blemishes and a little bit as an eyeshadow primer. I then used the RMS Buriti Bronzer to warm up my face a little, followed by the Ere Perez Carrot Pot in Harmony as blush which is such a pretty colour! I finished off by powdering my skin with the Green People Pressed Powder to reduce shine and set my foundation.

I did use a highlighter on the day but I can't remember putting it on! I thought I'd forgotten until I saw one of our photos and I definitely have some on. It was a cream highlighter from Modern Minerals in Moonstone.

Moving onto eyes...I used my favourite Ecobrow in Penelope to fill in my eyebrows. Then for my lids, I used RMS Sunset Beach (43) as a base, followed by a few of the lighter shades in the Lily Lolo Laid Bare Palette and then RMS Tempting Touch (76) on my outer corner. I blended it out with a little bit of RMS Garden Rose (19) in my crease so I had a lovely mix of creams, browns and a hint of pink. I finished off with the Zao Black Liquid Liner for a short winged liner.

I was going to use individual lashes but I decided to get eyelash extensions the week before the wedding. I knew there wouldn't be much time on the day as we were getting married at 11am and I didn't want to risk ruining my eyeshadow if I went wrong with the lashes. I am so glad I got the extensions, they looked amazing!
Originally I was going to use RMS Pretty Vacant mixed with Green People's Rose lipstick but then I thought about ease of re-applying throughout the day and decided to find one colour. I chose the Hynt Beauty Aria Lipstick in Pinkbelle and I love the colour. It was easy to re-apply throughout the day as it has a small mirror in the lid and it was moisturising on the lips too.

I loved my makeup on the wedding day! It stayed put, my eyeshadow creased a little bit but it always does. I kept a few essentials in my clutch bag and topped up later on in the day when I needed to but overall it lasted most of the day!


Natural Bodycare I'm Packing for Honeymoon

1 Apr 2018

I've been busy prepping everything for the wedding and honeymoon and I always love reading these types of posts, so I thought I'd write my own honeymoon packing list! We're going to Mexico after New York to an all-inclusive resort to soak up the sun and relax. I love how all of the products I've got are colour co-ordinated too...ha!
Green People kindly sent me some vouchers for Christmas so I stocked up on essentials. I ordered their Scent-Free Sun Lotion SPF30 in the normal 200ml size and also an SPF15 30ml travel size for times where we might leave the hotel for a bit. 

I also received a lovely box full of honeymoon essentials from Tropic Skincare. They sent me their Skin Shade Mineral Sun Protection and Tinted Skin Shade Facial Sun Protection which will both come in handy when sunbathing. I'm looking forward to using the tinted face cream as it'll even out my skin tone at the same time as protecting my skin. They also sent over a Sun Balm SPF 50 which is a suncream for the face - I've never used an SPF balm before but I do love balms so it'll be interesting to see how I get on with this. Then for the evenings I'll be using the Cooling Aftersun Lotion to keep my skin moisturised and the Summer Goddess Shimmering Body Oil for when we go out for dinner.
Balance Me have recently had a packaging makeover and sent me over a few products. I'll be taking the Super Moisturising Body Wash & Body Oil to keep my skin moisturised and stop it from drying out from being in the sun.

Friction Free Shaving are a monthly subscription service who send new blades to you through the post each month. Your first box comes with a metal razor and four blades so they're super eco-friendly and much better for the environment than disposable plastic razors. I got the "Rose" razor which is personalised with my cool!

Don't forget to follow me on social media as I'll be sharing photos from New York & the honeymoon on there as well as photos from the wedding too!


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