Walden Natural Perfumes

26 Sep 2017

*This post was originally uploaded on the Love Lula blog however this has now closed so I will be sharing the posts here on my blog.*

Love Lula have just introduced a brand new range of natural perfumes to their store by Walden Natural Perfumes. There are five natural scents in the range, all of which are made with the finest natural absolutes, resins and essential oils.

The perfumes are named after Henry David Thoreau’s seminal work Walden. The book is part meditation, part handbook for simple living in natural surroundings. It has inspired countless readers in the roughly 200 years since it was written. Walden Natural Perfumes are "proud to walk in his footsteps" with their fragrances. The range offers a natural alternative to mass-produced, celebrity-endorsed fragrances that are often made with chemicals. Walden is proud to return to the glory days of real perfumery when fragrances were made by hand in small batches from natural ingredients of the finest quality.

There are five perfumes ranging from earthy, woody aromas to floral and citrus scents. The perfumes are housed in sleek, glass jar with a wooden lid. They are very elegant and wouldn't look out of place in a high-end perfume boutique.

A Little Star-Dust - a sumptuous bouquet of Ylang Ylang, Iris and Jasmine enriched with hints of creamy Amyris and exotic Tonka Bean. This perfume was a Finalist for 'Best Natural Beauty Product' at the Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2017. I'm personally not a fan of ylang ylang or jasmine so this isn't a favourite of mine however if you love those scents, this will be right up your street!

Two Eternities - a garland of Forest Flowers including Wild Roses, Jasmine and Iris floating above a fresh Citrus base of Bergamot and Sweet Orange Oil. This is a beautiful scent and one of my absolute favourites from the Walden Natural Perfumes range. This is the scent I've been reaching for the most!

Castles in the Air - a fresh, intoxicating blend of Citrus with a hint of tropical flowers and lavender. This is another one of my favourites from the range. It's citrusy and floral in the same blend and is a lovely, fresh scent.

A Different Drummer - opens with a spicy blast of Pepper followed by Cedarwood and Amber and finishes with creamy hints of Amyris Sandalwood. This is my fiancĂ© Paul's favourite and is definitely a unisex scent as I would wear it too. I tend to like quite sweet scents but I do also like spicier scents too like this one.

The Solid Earth - opens citrusy fresh with Petitgrain followed by a heart of Vetiver and Light Patchouli Oil to finish off with creamy Amyris. This has an earthy, slightly spicy scent but it's also quite citrusy. It's one of the stronger scents from the range.

Walden Natural Perfumes range in price from £40.00 to £60.00 for 50ml and come in glass jars. They are boxed in sleek black & white packaging and are also available in sample/travel size kits.


*This post contains products sent for consideration for review and affiliate links. All opinions & thoughts are 100% honest and my own.

The Handmade Soap Company

24 Sep 2017

*This post was originally uploaded on the Love Lula blog which has now been closed. I will be sharing my posts on here.*

We're well and truly into Spring and Love Lula have added some lovely new brands to their store. One which caught my eye in particular is The Handmade Soap Company. Their packaging is simply beautiful and they offer a lovely range of products from hand creams, shower gel and body lotions to candles, diffusers and soap bars.
The Handmade Soap Company are an artisan brand based in Ireland which began in Gemma's kitchen back in 2010. Armed with two pots, some elbow grease and natural ingredients, the Handmade Soap Company was born. They started out small, selling their handmade soaps at farmers markets. From there things grew - bigger pots and a larger range of products!

"Using thoughtful essential oil blends and nature’s pantry, we have lovingly created a range that will boost your mood and your skin in equal measure."

I've been trying out three of the products from the range in all different scents. The first product I opened was the Lemongrass & Bergamot Body Butter. It smells absolutely gorgeous and is perfect for Springtime. It's solid in the jar, like a balm, but it instantly melts when you apply to the skin and it leaves a lovely glow to your skin. I'm in love with the scent of this and it works well to deeply moisturise your skin thanks to the cocoa and shea butters and enriching oils.

Another skincare product from the range is their Lavender, Rosemary Thyme & Mint Hand Wash. This, too, smells simply beautiful and it works brilliantly. It's one of the most foaming hand washes I've used on my natural journey. Although more bubbles doesn't always equal cleaner hands, it certainly helps to spread the product and makes it a bit quicker! I keep this in our upstairs bathroom and it looks very pretty on the sink thanks to the dark coloured bottle and delicately designed packaging. This is very eco in itself as it's sustainably sourced and printed with vegetable-derived ink.

As well as skincare, the Handmade Soap Company also have a range of candles and diffusers for the home. I've been lighting the Grapefruit & May Chang Candle which smells very fruity.  It is uplifting and is perfect for Spring. It has a lovely scent throw and is made with natural soy wax and essentials oils so it's very natural and won't burn any nasty fumes around your home. 

There's a range of other scents available across the Handmade Soap Company's line too! From Lemongrass & Cedarwood through to Basil, Sweet Orange & Frankincense. Their products are very reasonably priced at £19.95 for the 200g body butter jars and £11.95 for 300ml shower gels.


*This post contains products sent for consideration for review and affiliate links. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.

Tried & Tested: Face Masks

21 Sep 2017

I love face masks. I have skin that is prone to breakouts and blackheads so using detoxifying face masks once or twice a week helps to keep my skin clean and clear but I also have some that are hydrating and nourishing too.  
I have quite a few in my collection including;

Skin & Tonic Detox & Plant Apothecary Matcha Green Tea Mask*
I've put these two under the same category as they are very similar. They're both clay masks, they're both green and they are both detoxifying. Skin & Tonic's is made with five simple ingredients; green clay, cornstarch, matcha powder, lemon peel oil and basil peel oil. Plant Apothecary's has a slightly shorter ingredients list; white clay, matcha powder and chamomile oil. They both work well to detoxify my skin, calm down spots and help clear any blocked pores.

I would probably lean towards the Skin & Tonic one being my favourite out of the two as it has the lemon and basil which are more detoxifying and better for my skin issues but Plant's is still a nice clay DIY mask.

Mallow & White Soothe*
I reach for this mask when my skin looks a little bit on the red side. I sometimes get slightly flushed cheeks which is usually down to not drinking enough water (naughty me) but sometimes my skin can play up and get a little red & blotchy so that's when I opt for this mask. You can mix with water and I also like to add in a little honey to soothe my skin even more.

Isla Apothecary Refine & Radiate Mask*
This is one of the brightest masks I've ever used. It's bright orange thanks to the turmeric inside. It also has sandalwood powder and coconut milk powder which soothe your skin. The day after using this mask my skin feels super soft and it looks plump and clear. Definitely one of my favourite new discoveries.

The Body Deli Glacial Mineral Mud Masque
This one is made from fresh ingredients and needs to be kept in the fridge. Keeping it in the fridge makes it really nice to apply, especially when the weather is warm, as it has a cooling effect on the skin. I really liked this mask and would definitely consider re-purchasing although it is a little annoying keeping it refrigerated as I'd forget that I had it, so would forget to use it - also as it's a fresh product the expiry date was quite short - it did last a little longer than the date but I would make sure to use it up before that in future! It's a much easier mask to use than the others though as there's no mixing involved and it was very effective. 

Leahlani Mermaid Mask
The latest addition to my collection thanks to Leahlani now becoming available on Cult Beauty in the UK. I knew this was the first product I'd get my hands on. I've only used it a couple of times so far but I'm really liking it. It's a different texture to what I expected as it's quite hard in the jar and needs a little bit of water for it to spread over my face but I'm pleased so far with the times I've tried it. I will update in a few weeks time with a full review!


*This post contains products sent for consideration for review & affiliate links. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Green Beauty Empties

19 Sep 2017

Another post with a few products I've used up over the last few months..

Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm
A firm favourite of mine for a few years now. I had a couple from my gift guides last Christmas and finally got round to opening another jar. Still in my good books and one I'd recommend for everyone to try. 

Balm Balm Cleanser
I really liked this balm although I wouldn't put it in my top five. It's a nice product with simple organic ingredients however it has a slightly gritty texture and I prefer smoother, soft textured balms for cleansing my skin.

Tropic Body Wash
I absolutely loved this and think I'll definitely need to repurchase for our honeymoon next year as it's an amazing scent for Summer. It actually smells like Fruit Salad sweets! Delish.

Isla Apothecary Scrub
One of my favourite scrubs. This smells just like chocolate orange which does make me crave chocolate afterwards but it's an amazing scrub. I would definitely repurchase in the future and I've gone through my second jar of this already too but I accidentally threw that jar out for recycling not this one! (This is their old packaging).

Barefaced + Bee Scrub
With a little help from Paul, this body scrub is completely empty (he literally used about half in one go!). This is one amazing scrub though, the scent alone is just incredible!

Vedani Botanicals Light Super Seed Serum
I bought this during the crowdfunding that Vedani Botanicals were doing a few months ago and I love it. My skin seems to love their products and I think when I narrow down my skincare for before the wedding, Vedani products will be my cleanser and oils, hands down!

You & Oil Makeup Remover

A nice oil that does remove makeup effectively. It's in lovely packaging and the ingredients are lovely but it is a little pricey and I think any oil or balm would do a decent enough job at removing makeup so I wouldn't rush back to buy this again.

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