How to Get a Summer Glow Naturally through Winter

16 Nov 2017

As I'm saving up for our wedding, I didn't get to enjoy a Summer holiday this year and the last holiday we went on was June 2016. I do still love having a tan though which is pretty much impossible to get whilst sunbathing in England so I turn to natural fake tans! I had this post planned quite a few months ago at the beginning of Summer but hadn't got round to finishing it so I thought I'd turn it into a keeping your Summer glow through Winter style post.
You have to start with a good base so I use a body scrub in the shower followed by a moisturising balm on any extra-dry spots such as elbows, heels etc. I've been loving the Isla Apothecary Blood Orange & Vanilla Scrub as it just smells so good! I follow up with the Babe Balm from BYBI to keep skin extra moisturised and free from dry patches.

My favourite fake tan is the Green People Self-Tan Lotion which I've been using for a couple of years now. It develops into a lovely colour, nothing orange and it doesn't go streaky if you apply carefully (not at 10pm the night before wedding dress shopping...oops!). It doesn't have an awful scent and it doesn't look fake either. I use this if I'm going to an event or party. 

If I'm after a slightly less dark tan then I'll use my Chocolate Sun Cocoa Glow which is a lovely cream that offers a hint of tan. Chocolate Sun offer different variations so if you're after a bit more colour then opt for a darker colour. I love this lotion though as it's just enough coverage to get a lovely glow and it smells amazing too.

A new product from the Chocolate Sun range is their Cocoa Glow Illume which is a self-tan gel for the face. I literally need just one pump and it covers my whole face and down onto my neck to blend. You need to apply to dry skin but I apply at night so I use a little bit of face oil to stop my skin drying out. It's a lovely colour and gives my skin a nice, clear base - it almost acts like a primer and makes my skin look even better before applying foundation!

If you like a more gradually developing tan, then opt for the Green People Gradual Tan. The colour will develop over a few days after each application so ideal to use on a daily basis to get a nice colour, rather than 0 to 10 overnight.


This post contains affiliate links. Products in this post were sent for consideration for review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Green Beauty Haul

14 Nov 2017

I've been spending my money on some green beauty over the last month so I thought I would share what I've bought...

I had run out of nail polish remover so I stocked up on my favourite from Fresh Therapies. This natural remover takes off nail polish fairly easily with a little bit of rubbing and leaves my nails looking healthy and moisturised, unlike mainstream removers that strip the skin of its natural oils.
My Sappho foundation has completely run out but I felt like a change so I asked for some recommendations from a few green beauty bloggers and Carrie & Aliya recommended the Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream. A local salon stocks JI so I popped by and ordered myself a tube. I've really been enjoying using it actually. It is quite "glowy" as it's described but it does offer pretty good coverage too. If it's looking too oily then I do pop on a bit of powder too but most of the time it's glowy.

I'd seen the new RMS Cake Liner all over Instagram and a couple of great reviews from Lou Dartford MUA and Carrie from What I Love Today so I caved in and bought one for myself. It comes in the same packaging as RMS' eyeshadows and it's a solid black shadow that can be used wet or dry. I like to use this with a wet eyeliner brush and along my top lashline. I'm not sure if I'm loving it so far, I think I need to keep trying it out different ways to get the most out of it!

The new RMS lipsticks were released at Content in October and I couldn't resist ordering myself one. I was tempted by two...Vogue Rose and Pretty Vacant but decided on Pretty Vacant in the end as I felt a more pink-ish tone would suit me better. I also got two on Love Lula with my blogger programme points so I chose Jezebel and Rebound which are both shades of red. They're super pigmented and really creamy. A full review will be coming soon!
(L-R - Jezebel, Rebound, Pretty Vacant)


*This post contains affiliate links.

Christmas Gift Guide: Nectar & Bumble

11 Nov 2017

If you know someone who loves bees or simply anything cute, then you need to head over to Nectar & Bumble for some seriously adorable gifts (if I say so myself). Nectar & Bumble is my own online store that I launched in May 2016 and is dedicated to all things bees. There's a variety of gifts perfect for everyone ranging from natural candles and bee-print notebooks to beautifully illustrated mugs and makeup bags.

We've put together a selection of gift boxes that come wrapped in a sturdy kraft box, recycled paper and finished off with a ribbon, bow & a tag to tie it all together. The perfect present and already wrapped...what more could you ask for?!
The first Gift Box features three Bee Notebooks, a natural Beefayre Lip Balm and Festive Candle in a choice of scents. The Homeware Gift Box features a bumblebee print Tea Towel, Festive Candle, Seedball Bee Mix and Bumblebee Mug.
The Skincare Gift Box is my favourite & it's perfect for natural skincare lovers. It has a Therapi Honey Lip Balm, Creature Candy Honey Soap and a BeeInspired Hand Cream & Face Cream (available in a range of scents) which is one of the newest natural brands I've added to the store.
There's also lots of individual home and gift products that would put a smile on any nature lovers face. A few of my personal favourites are the Bumblebee Jug, Makeup Bag & Cushion.
We also have a lot of products that would work well as stocking fillers and Secret Santa gifts from lip balms and bee pins to lavender bags & tea lights.
Bee Merry this Christmas!


Christmas Gift Guide: Nadarra Skincare

10 Nov 2017

Nadarra are a new natural and organic skincare brand, who hand-make products ranging from body butters and face oils to lip balms and face creams. The brand was founded by Margaret, a trained osteopath who wanted to use only natural and organic ingredients in her skincare after discovering what was found in conventional moisturisers and deodorants. Sound familiar?
Nadarra Skincare Cosmetics | This Natural Bee Christmas Gift Guides 2017
After trying some greener alternatives that didn't work so well, Margaret decided she'd try to make a few herself. Some failed, but after some trial & error, Margaret succeeded in making body butters, lip balms, hair products and face creams. She kept things simple, only using ingredients that had a huge benefit to the skin - the best quality ingredients that are organic where possible. Soon after, Margaret kept getting compliments on her skin and she decided she had to share her love for making natural skincare on a larger scale, and so, Nadarra was born.

There is a lovely range of products that would make wonderful presents for the festive season. A truly natural, handmade selection of treats that are sure to put a smile on anyone's face.
Nadarra Skincare Cosmetics | This Natural Bee Christmas Gift Guides 2017
There are two scents to choose from in their body butters; Luscious Lemon and Loving Lavender. The body butters are made with organic shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, beeswax and tea tree oil. They are then scented with lavender essential oil or lemon essential oil. You can also choose from 100ml, 200ml or 450ml size pots to nourish your body all over.

The are two face creams in the range in the same scents as the body butters. Loving Lavender Face Cream is made with shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil and is enriched with lavender and tea tree oils. The ingredients work together to nourish and protect skin, and is ideal for dry skin. The Luscious Lemon Face Cream is made with shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil and blended with lemon and tea tree essential oils which balance skin and is ideal for oilier skin types.
Nadarra Skincare Cosmetics | This Natural Bee Christmas Gift Guides 2017
There are also six facial oils in the range, which will be added to the online store shortly; There are two oils to choose from; Revitalise (made with organic jojoba oil and ideal for younger or normal skin) or Rejuvante (made with organic argan oil for deeper nourishment for mature, dry skin). Both oils are available in three different scents; Sweet Orange & Frankincense, Rose & Chamomile and Lavender, Chamomile & Frankincense.

Nadarra Skincare Cosmetics | This Natural Bee Christmas Gift Guides 2017
An essential for the colder months are lip balms. Avoid mainstream "balms" filled with petroleum, and opt for the natural goodness of shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil and beeswax on your lips. There are three scents to choose from; Luscious Lemon, Sweet Orange and Minty Fresh. These are ideal stocking fillers or secret Santa gifts.
Nadarra Skincare Cosmetics | This Natural Bee Christmas Gift Guides 2017
One of the newest products they've added to the range are their Bath & Foot Tea Bags which can be added to the water whilst you bathe. The organic cotton bags are filled with lavender, chamomile and oats which release oat milk when steeped in water which will moisturise skin. The lavender and chamomile release their essential oils which will leave you feeling relaxed during the festive season.
Not only do Nadarra use natural and organic ingredients for their products, but they also work to ensure that their impact on the earth is as small as possible. Nadarra is the celtic word for natural and they truly value the world around us. All of the packaging they use can be recycled or re-used in order to reduce waste.

*This post is sponsored by Nadarra Skincare. All thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own. I absolutely love creating these gift guides every year and work hard to create something special for my readers and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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