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2 Apr 2013

As an NYR Organic consultant, using products that are organic and free from chemicals and parabens that other companies put into their products is important to me. Before I was a consultant, I didn't really know how dangerous some of the chemicals and parabens that are in beauty products could actually be (much like a lot of other people). They are harmful to your health, your skin & organs and also affect the environment so I always encourage my customers to switch to organic beauty products. Neal's Yard Remedies products are certified as organic by the Soil Assocation so our customers know that what we put into our products will not harm your health. Did you know that because of government legislation, products that contain 1% organic ingredients can be classed as 'organic' on their labels? To me, that is false advertisement and I think the government should step up and ban companies from labelling their products in this way.

I recently joined up to the Soil Association to donate £2.50 a month that will help various different causes such as improving animal welfare, avoiding pesticides, saying no to GM farming, improving school meals and providing farm visits for children. I received a free copy of 'Discover Organic' - a hard-backed celebrity recipe book and I also got a chocolate bar and a teabag! It's simple things like this that can change the future. You can choose to donate however much you like and the offer to receive the recipe book isn't on for long so it's worth signing up ASAP! You will also receive a monthly magazine called 'Living Earth' which is packed full of articles on organic farming and other causes that your money will go towards. 

They are also behind the 'Keep Britain Buzzing' campaign which is still ongoing. Friday 15 March, 2013 was a terrible day for bees as the EU failed to ban three neonicotinoid pesticides. Decision-makers failed to recognise the weight of evidence against bee-damaging, neonicotinoid pesticides. However the process doesn’t end here and the European Commission may still be able to enforce a ban.

They will continue our Keep Britain Buzzing campaign and work hard to get decision-makers to catch up with the science. There are plenty of things you can do at home too to protect and strengthen bee populations, starting with planting bee friendly plants!

Neal's Yard also run their Bee Lovely campaign where 5% of sales from the Bee Lovely Range gets donated to bee related charities! You can shop for the Bee Lovely Range here.

I hope this will enlighten you a little bit more about chemicals and the dangers they impose on our health & the environment.

What products do you use at the minute and would you consider swapping to organic?


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