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22 Aug 2013

I love Made in Chelsea and especially Millie Mackintosh so when I found out she was releasing a false eyelash range I was really excited. They were released a few months ago but I never got round to wearing them let alone blogging about them until last weekend! I went to Birmingham with two of my friends to see one of our other friend Izzie who is at university in Birmingham.

There are eight different style to choose from and they are all strip lashes. I went for the 'Portabello' lash which has clusters of lashes to give a natural effect. I love that the band is clear as it is my pet hate when you can tell that somebody has false eyelashes on. I really don't think it looks attractive but having this clear band is great because you can easily cover it up with eyeliner and if either of the ends become detached, its less noticeable.

They are really easy to apply because the band isn't very stiff and the glue is great. Just pop a line of glue along the band, wait 20 seconds for it to go tacky and apply them in the middle first, then tuck the corners in! These are the quickest lashes I have ever put on - the glue was so sticky which made it easy to put on and they stayed put all night!

Here is a pic of me & my girlies on our night out to Birmingham last weekend! We were in the lift up to Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Bar....then we quickly realised cocktails were £10 a pop so back down we went in the lift!

I didn't get a close up picture of the lashes on but here is a drunken photo of me with my mojito and you can see how gorgeous the lashes looked on!

I ordered them from Nouveau Lashes for £8.99 and they even come with a mini pair of tweezers inside that were super handy!

Have you tried Millie's lashes? Which one's would you recommend I try next?


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1 comment :

  1. These are my fave eyelashes EVER. Especially with a little slick of mascara over the top, I get about 4 wears from one packet too so really good value for money :)

    Hannah Bee