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9 Dec 2013

I went to the Vitality Show back in March and bought a few goody bags whilst I was there and the other day I realised I'd shoved one right to the back of my wardrobe and hadn't realised that there were loads of Faith in Nature samples in there! I had tried their shower gel from a Souk Souk box which was nice so I thought I'd try one of the sample sachets of shampoo & conditioner.

Pomegranate & Rooibos shampoo is described as a wonderful blend of ingredients known for their natural nutrients and antioxidants that are great for your skin and hair. It is suitable for all hair types and is paraben & SLS free. They do not use artificial colours or fragrances and it is biodegradable.

I was impressed by the sample sachet so I decided to purchase the full size bottle and I am so happy I did. It has a lovely scent to it and it lathers up really well; probably more than most natural shampoos I have tried. It does wash my hair really well and my hair definitely isn't as frizzy however I have found this to be quite drying on my hair and it leaves my hair knotty when it's wet so I started using a conditioner with it (Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic) and my hair is super soft & shiny. I used my Curl Secret and my curls stayed in for four days and I only needed dry shampoo on my fringe on the fourth morning! I have noticed that my hair is really smooth and it stays straighter after I straighten it and I haven't even been using my heat protector (naughty me!) but my hair still looks and feels lovely. It is quite strange really because I used the Intelligent Nutrients Shampoo & Conditioner together and it just made my hair feel greasy and limp but use them separately and they're pretty good!

Their shampoos are very reasonably priced at £5.35 for a 400ml bottle. This is on the Faith in Nature website however delivery is extra so I looked on eBay and found a wholesale seller who lives right down the road from me and it was £5.75 plus free delivery so I bought it on there. I am very careful on eBay and only buy from those who have great feedback especially when it comes to skincare/hair care products. Here is the link to the shop I bought from. They also sell Badger products and loads of Faith in Nature shampoos/conditioners and gift sets so it's worth a look!

I've also just found this website Big Green Smile where they had a sale on plus free delivery so it was only £3.74!! Arghh I hate finding a cheaper one after I've already bought it! Never minnnnnnddd.

Have you tried Faith in Nature? What's your favourite natural shampoo at the minute?

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  1. I've tried a couple of products from Faith In Nature, I did have the Pomegranate & Rooibos handwash, I enjoyed the fragrance :-)

  2. My local whole foods shop sells Faith In Nature but I haven't ever used them before! Might do now though as my shampoo/conditioner has run out haha X

    1. Jealous that you have a whole foods near you! I would definitely recommend them! They have loads of other scents too x

  3. I was considering buying something from Faith in Nature at Whole Foods the other day, but I didn't get it because I wanted to read some reviews on this brand first... perfect timing! It sounds like a great shampoo. I think I'll get it next time :)

    Olivia Beauty from the Fjord xxx

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  5. I have tried the Seaweed & citrus shampoo by faith in nature before which was pretty good! :-) I bought their geranium & something conditioner recently though and I found it wasn't moisturising enough for my processed lengths. And yes, u have to be careful on eBay as too many scamming cowboys on there, but you got a good deal :-) Thanks for sharing xx