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10 Dec 2013

Photo by Ria from Naturia Beauty
I was tagged by my lovely Christmas Beauty Swap partner, Rachel, to do this Green Beauty Characters Tag! I have seen loads of other Green Bloggers do this tag but it was the first time I was actually tagged so I'm excited to answer these questions and hope that it means you'll all get to know me a little bit better! The tag was created by Sonja over at Life in Blush and you can read Rachel's answers to the tag here.

on my nightstand you’ll find: I always keep my Badger Sleep balm on my bedside table as well as contact lens solution, glasses & a contact lens pot but as I share a room with my sister we just have a lamp and most often a lip balm on there too along with some hair grips and loads of other rubbish! My other sister is moving out in the new year though so I'll finally have a room to myself and I might treat myself to a bigger set of drawers so I can fit more beauty products on it to pamper myself with before bedtime!

the literary character I’m most like is: Peter Pan! According to this quiz. I am apparently a free spirit and a bit of a rebel. I would probably agree with that!

I’m currently obsessed with: making my own beauty products! I just made my own DIY Body Scrub (post) and I'm looking forward to trying out different products soon! I just found out about Karen Gilbert and her book 'Natural Beauty' and I'm looking forward to trying out some of her recipes & make some balms or lotions next!

my favourite superhero is: I don't really have a favourite superhero really? If I had to choose I'd probably say Spiderman because I like the new version of the film with Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone 

favourite beauty product of 2013: Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil hands down! Incredible product and has made such an improvement to my skin!

if I could have dinner with anyone dead or alive it would be: I would probably say my Grandad as he passed away about 8 years ago now but he ran our Bakery with my Grandma and I think he would be really proud to see how far we've come and the new shop that we've opened!

winter is coming – how do you prep your skin for battle? I am going to Colorado on Boxing Day with my family and at the minute the highest temperate has been -13C and the lowest -26C! So I am going to be taking my Kris D'Amour Soothing Body Oil, Indie Lee Facial Oil & my MU London White Chocolate Cream. And probably my SW Basics Cream for good measure! Oh and the lip balm (if I can find it!!) We're staying up in the mountains so drinking loads of water is going to be imperative!

my perfect date night makeup consists of: A smoky eye with some liner, nude lips and a bit of blush. I love highlighting too when I'm going out at night as my skin looks super radiant & dewy! I went out last weekend with my boyfriend and wore my new burgandy skater dress with leather sleeves and jacket so I paired that with my Lily Lolo Berry Crush lipstick which I thought was perfect for Winter!

my go-to skin-beautifying snack/drink is: Water! and I also love blueberries too!

my tv boyfriend is: urmmmmmmmm, this is hard because I don't actually really fancy anybody on the tv or any celebrities! But seeing as I have to answer the question I would say Austin Nichols (Julian from One Tree Hill)!

if my evening clutch could only hold one beauty item it would be: I would say mascara! It brightens up my face and stops you looking at my dark circles and spots haha! I'm loving the Avril one I got in a SoukSouk box recently.

one beauty tip I would pass on to my fictional daughter is: stick to natural products as much as possible and don't over complicate things or go for hyped up products!

the most nostalgic item from my childhood is: I would say the video 'PopSkool' which I remembered and found on YouTube the other day! I remember watching it all the time with my sisters it was a video with kids singing and dancing to old 80s songs and it is so cringy watching it back but I remember singing along with all the songs!

my favourite tv show of the moment is: Made in Chelsea. I love it! Even though it is getting slightly awkward and you can tell things happen just for the programme I just love the characters and how they live their lives.

my favourite quote is: 'Live the Life you Love and Love the Life you Live'

I hope you enjoyed reading these questions and got to know me a little better! I'm going to tag any Green Bloggers that haven't done this tag yet as I know a lot of you have done it and don't want anybody to miss out!

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Let me know if you've done the tag in the comments below I'd love the have a read!
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  1. Oh that book by Karen sounds interesting! :-) Loved reading your answers this was such a fun tag xx

    1. Thanks Louise! I know it looks amazing I'm going to ask for it for Christmas! xx

  2. that's really sweet about your Grandad :-) enjoy Colorado that will be cold but beautiful

    1. :) i know its going to be freezing but I'm so excited I keep looking at photos on instagram of Estes Park is looks so beautiful! xx

  3. Love seeing the image I made for the tag popping up everywhere! :) Loved reading your answers, hope you've got loads and loads of thermals for your trip to freezing Colorado! x

    1. It's a lovely pic I had to steal it ;) haha I have got quite a lot! two pairs of leggings a couple of thermal vests and a long sleeved one too! Plus a ton of jumpers and warm socks and snow boots haha! xx

  4. Loved reading your answers! What you wrote about your grandpa is really sweet and you seem to have all the beauty essentials for Colorado :-) x