Links I'm Loving #5

12 Apr 2014

Another week....another post!

Beautycalpyse - Microplastics Spot the Buggars - This is a very interesting post about the use of microplastics in cosmetics ingredients. I only recently heard about the use of plastic beads in exfoliators and how it affects the marine environment through Botanical Brands promoting the use of non-plastic exfoliators, so this was a very interesting post about the effects and made me glad I don't use plastic filled products that harm the environment!

Pretty Eclectic - Women in Making - This is a bit of a plug really but basically my sister studied Fashion at University and her dream is to have her own studio and make scarves. She has recently entered a competition to win £10,000 to put towards this dream but she needs votes to get through! Please could you vote for her :) This photo below is a link that you can click to get to her voting page, the model is wearing everything from Mia's collection at University!

Sugarpuffish - Ingredient Review: STEAMCREAM - Sarah discusses her concern over certain ingredients that are included in this "natural" product. I was actually offered one of these to review from a lady in the US as she didn't realise I was in the UK and said she would come back to me when they were doing UK bloggers but I obviously got missed off the list and I'm glad I did. I've seen good reviews for it but I personally avoid parabens so I wouldn't use it. It's sad that companies use the word natural to target certain people like us green bloggers then filled products with crap!

Well Meaning Being - Materialism & Wellbeing: When You Stop Wanting More - The lovely Liz write all sorts of inspiring posts and this week she talks about materialism and how she has become much more happier with herself since she stopped dressing for others and started dressing for herself! This post is very inspiring and well worth checking out!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I am about to embark on another blog series soon so this might be the last links I'm loving post depending on how quickly I get the new series up & running!


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  1. Great round-up :) I've never actually read Beautycalpyse before, so will definitely be checking out the blog and the post sounds really interesting x