A Beautiful World A/W Sampler Box '14

16 Oct 2014

7am on Wednesday morning, I was wide awake & placing my order for the A/W box from A Beautiful World. Their bi-annual boxes also sell out within a couple of hours so I wanted to make sure I got one. It cost £20.00 for the box and it's value is £72.00 so it's definitely worth signing up for their e-mails to see when the Christmas & Summer one's are available!

Here is my Unboxing Video (or read on if you don't want to watch me open a present like it's Christmas!)
Included inside the box are a mixture of the best natural and organic products in mini, travel and even some full-size items. Contents vary slightly from box to box so it's always exciting (and sometimes a little annoying) seeing what everyone else got haha!

John Rosebrook is a recently new brand to ABW & one that I've had my eye on. I am really happy with what I got. I received the Deep Nourishing Shampoo and the Hydrating Accelerator which is great because I prefer that to the conditioner that was in some other boxes.

I love the SW Basics lip balms so I was happy to see another product from their range inside the box. I got their Make-Up Remover which is something I've had my eye on before but as its such a simple product (and an easily made DIY) I never bothered but I'm still happy I now have the chance to try it. It just has 3 ingredients; Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil and Sweet Almond Oil.

I have been wanting to try Intensae for so long so I was chuffed to find a full-size polish inside. I got the colour "Marnie" which is a gorgeous bright red shade.

Normally in these boxes, you receive an MU London White Chocolate Cream however this year I got their Fragrance-Free Foaming Wash. I am not really a huge fan of foaming washes but I'm glad it's not the Chocolate Cream again because even though I love it, I already have two open haha! I'm happy that it's fragrance free too as the others were Rose scented.

BRAD Biophotonic Skincare is a luxury, high-end brand and I received a small 7.5ml sample of the Ultra Elastin Sculpting Firming Cream Complex which isn't a "wow" for me simply because I don't really need any anti-ageing products but I tried a little and it feels so silky and smooth.

Valia Skincare is a new brand to be stocked on ABW so I was very excited to get to try out one of their products. I received the Purifying Face Wash which I'm excited to try. It isn't as "foamy" as I was expecting which I like!

I am a huge fan of The Body Deli so I was really happy to receive a product I haven't tried before; Creme de la Rose Moisturiser. Looking forward to trying out this rich cream.

Konjac Sponges are a bit hit & miss for me purely because they always seem to just fall apart within a couple of months. I know they're only cheap and I've only ever bought a couple but always happy to try a new one. I received the Pink Clay sponge which is meant to be good for dry/devitalized skin which might be good for me now we're heading into the colder months!

I am so happy with this box, I can't believe they're still only £20 considering how much they're worth! What did you think of this box? 


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  1. Amazing box. I will use everything from mine x

  2. I loved mine and next day delivery! x

    1. Woop! I paid an extra £1 for signed-for next day aha whoops! Never mind :D so happy with it! x

  3. Amazing box, really worth the price! xx

  4. Of all the boxes I think yours is the best, I wanted to pick up the hydrating accelerator and forgot lloking forward to hearing your thoughts on it Xx