Zandra Rhodes for People Tree

14 Oct 2014

Back in September I placed an order with People Tree for a couple of dresses. Unfortunately one of them wasn't quite right and the other a little too tight so I exchanged it for a bigger size. I received the next size up a week later and love it! I have to wear "big knickers" with it as it's a bodycon dress and I've been eating quite a few naughty treats lately but I absolutely love the dress.

The Wave Bodycon Dress is designed by Zandra Rhodes and has the most gorgeous, bright print in red, purple, blue & green with white zig zags. 

The dress is made from 100% organic cotton and doesn't have any stretch to it (hence why I needed a bigger size) but its really good quality and fits nicely. I would definitely recommend a bigger size in their bodycon dresses but not in any of their other dresses. I know its quite summery and we're now heading into Winter but it has 3/4 length sleeves and is pretty long (it's at my knees!) so I won't be freezing my boobs off and I can wear it with a jacket and heels for a glam evening look. Or just in the daytime if we have anymore Summery days (wishful thinking!)

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*This post is not sponsored. I am an Ambassador for People Tree. I make a small % of the revenue I generate for People Tree. This does not affect my opinion & I will always be honest when talking about their clothing & company. 
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  1. I love People Tree and it's good to see a high profile designer like Zandra Rhodes getting involved in the ethical market. The dress is gorgeous and you look luvverly! �� x

  2. You look fab in this dress, I love the colour combination, it will make you smile on a dark miserable day :)

  3. It's a lovely pattern! I can't wear bodycon dresses because even big knickers can't help me. Woe.

    Corinne x