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21 Nov 2014

I work in a cake shop which makes it difficult for me to resist the odd cake here and I like to keep some healthy snacks out the back to help me stay on track & avoid the delicious Strawberry & Cream cupcakes that call to me every day...

Dark Raw Chocolate - I am a confessed chocaholic but luckily for me, I absolutely love dark chocolate which means its not too bad for me (or at least I like to tell myself that!) I picked up these yummy treats from the LNLO show from a brand called Conscious Chocolate and they're pretty much the healthiest chocolate you could buy. All of their ingredients are ethically sourced and is organically certified, raw, vegan & vegetarian. The base of each bar is raw organic cacao powder, raw organic cacao butter, raw organic coconut butter, raw organic carob and raw organic agave nectar. They then add a variety of organic, wild, sundried fruits, nuts, superfoods and therapeutic essential oils to make up their range! It is much softer than normal chocolate but its actually really nice! Obviously this is more of a "treat" than a snack but it fills a gap when I'm feeling a little peckish!

Snapea Crisps - Theses "crisps" are made from 70% peas and the rest is canola oil, rice, salt and calcium carbonate. The texture is similar to a good!

Nakd Bars - I love these scrummy little bars of goodness. My favourites are the Cocoa Delight, Cocoa Orange & Apple Crunch. I managed to snag these at an awesome price back at Be:Fit London and I got 18 bars for £9 so they were super cheap.  

Frank Bars - These are a recent discovery of mine and I love them! Probably even more than Nakd bars actually...full review in a couple of weeks!

Scott Farms Sweet Potato Crisps - I picked these up at the Love Natural Love Organic Show in July and I really like them. They are very sweet (savoury sweet) as they're made from simply sweet potatoes & a pinch of salt which means I don't like to have many at a time. I have just a handful if I'm feeling a bit peckish. They're gluten free too!

Smoothies - I just bought myself a Breville Blender so I can make myself some delicious smoothies. It was only £29.50 from Tesco and it's really cool because you put the fruit inside the bottle, turn it upside down on the blender and then you can put a lid on the top so you can drink it on the quick & easy is that?! I'll be sharing some of my favourite recipes in a few weeks once I've found my faves!

The Organic Protein Co Shake - I will be doing a full review of this soon but after the gym I like to have a protein shake using this organic whey protein. It's unflavoured so I mix it with milk for a quick hit of protein but you can also mix it into recipes and smoothies for that extra bit of protein in your diet.

What healthy food do you snack on?

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  1. i love healthy bars! I'm crazy now about Kind bar :) But i would love to try Frank! Where do you buy it ?

  2. Me too! You can buy them online xx