Green Beauty Chat #GreenChat

13 Nov 2014

So I've decided to host a green beauty chat every week on a Sunday at 8pm til 9pm GMT. I hope that you can all join in...I'll be choosing a theme for each chat and sometimes if I'm not available to host the chat, I'd love to get some of you involved to host the chat yourselves!

I chose this time as it seemed to be the most popular & also it means that some of you international girls can join too!

The first week will be next Sunday (23rd November) and the theme will be Christmas gifts...never too early ;)

#GreenChat will be the hashtag...would love to see you all getting involved! 

I hope you can all join in!

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  1. great idea Amber, I look forward to joining in :)

  2. Sounds like fun! Look forward to some rewarding exchanges taking place =) xx

  3. Oh how exciting, I look forward to participating in this chat!

  4. Fab idea Amber! Is it just for bloggers? :)

  5. Great idea! I look forward to joining in!:) xx