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2 Dec 2014

A couple of month back I was watching one of Shirley's video's on her YouTube, Non-Toxique Voyage and she was wearing a gorgeous pair of earrings. They were from Laurali Designs on Etsy and made from real leaves. I had to get myself a pair they were just so gorgeous! 

The pair I chose were the Small Heart Shaped Leaf in 24ct gold. The cottonwood leaves are hand picked, hand painted with Copper Metal and electro-plated with 24KT gold.  I am absolutely in love with these earrings. The detail is gorgeous and they feel really sturdy and not frail in the slightest.

Each pair differ slightly because they're all made with real leaves but they're all really pretty. They make loads of different pieces of jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets and brooches and different types of leaves such as oak, aspen leaf, maple leaf and different finishes including copper, gold, silver and rose gold.

Visit Laurali Designs shop here. My earrings cost around £26.00 and they were $35 but then mine did get stuck at customs as it was just over. I had to pay £4 tax and £8 Royal Mail handling fee...thanks RM, thanks a lot!

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1 comment :

  1. Oh man! Customs is a pain!!! Im glad you got them though! They are gorgeous, I want more lol