SKNY Box - The New Wellness & Fitness Subscription Box + READER OFFER

3 Dec 2014

A new subscription box has hit the market, dedicated to wellness & fitness. SKNY Box* is designed to inspire you with great ideas to make healthy eating and living simple. SKNY stands for Stronger, Knowledgeable, New, You and is aimed at anyone on a mission to get healthier. 
SKNY Box was created by Gina & Jess, two sisters, who want to make losing weight and being healthy easy and fun. They believe that it can be simple, without dieting, and hope that through this box, they can help people reach their long-term health goals and maintain them. SKNY is about creating a stronger, knowledgeable, new, you. They believe that it's easy to achieve your health goals if you form good habits and have great ideas to try. The box is a hand-picked selection of products and ideas to help you form three great habits; Eat...Cook...Do...

So...what's inside?

For £15.00 per month (plus £3 p&p) you receive 6-8 samples, a fitness guide, a spice & recipe kit as well as a product guide. 

Each box comes with a fitness guide which I think is an amazing way to get inspired to do more exercise or to stay motivated. This month's is a 30 Day Fat Buster Winter Workout Plan. It's a great guide to go by and includes a HIIT workouts and body weight training. 

Onto the food...

Onto the samples in the box...
All of them are food samples, some sweet, some savoury, some full size, some sample sachets. A few items I don't like because of the flavours such as the Nakd bar in Cashew (I don't like nuts) and the Coconut flavour popcorn (I don't like coconut) but that's just luck of the draw I guess. I don't like olives either so I've passed those onto Paul as he LOVES olives and he absolutely loved these! I am intrigued about the Beauty Vitamin Candies and the natural sweetener as I am a sucker for sugar in my tea, even though I know it's not good for me!

I love that I haven't heard of a lot of these brands as it's always fun discovering new companies. I also like that there are a couple of natural and organic brands in there too (Organic Hampstead Tea, Pitta Chips, Natvia) Here is what's inside this month's box & a little extra details about calories etc:


Delicious Propercorn (Sweet Coconut & Vanilla) – 109 calories.

Get Nakd with cashew & cookie natural bars – 143 calories

Guilt-free snacking with Oloves – 50 calories.

Treat Of The Month: All Natural & Delicious Pitta Chips with Soffles – 256 Calories


Beauty vitamins with some Beauty Candy – 0 Calories.

Boost your immune system with Nosh Raw – 0 Calories

Natural Sweetener for your cuppa with Natvia – 0 Calories

Get a Tall Glass & Drink A Chilled Organic Hampstead Tea – 80 Calories

Channel your inner samurai with Kabuto Noodles – 320 Calories

Get Spicy In the Kitchen With
Special Harissa Spice & Recipe Kit from Flavour Magic

Persie was casually waiting for his share of the box...#notachance


30-DAY Winter Transformation Plan

SKNY Box is available here for £15 per month (plus £3 p&p) or you can pay for more months to save money. I think the concept of this box is great and the fitness guide is an extra bonus and an awesome's like having your own membership to a healthy living club delivered to your door!

The lovely girls at SKNY Box HQ have given me a discount code for my readers so you can get 50% off your subscription...which applies across all of their plans so you can get your hands on a box for as little as £6.25 per month!! Just use the code AMBER1 at checkout. 

For their first box, I think they've done a really good job and their website is really informative if you're looking for motivation to get healthy. I would like to see the products in the box worth a teeny bit more but overall, they've done a great job and I think it's going to go down really well! 


*PR Sample. Code is valid until 12th December 2014 for all new subscribers. I do not make any money if you use the code. 
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  1. This looks really good Amber. Have you had chance to try the DID yet?

  2. This is so awesome! What a great idea, those snacks look delicious! Hopefully they will ship to Canada someday!