TOTM - Time Of The Month

11 Dec 2014

It's time to talk about that "Time Of The Month" ladies...something that isn't often spoken about out loud but I feel that it should be. You might be thinking, why on earth is this girl talking about periods and sanitary products on her blog? 

Well...the thing is...most sanitary products that are available on the market today are made using cotton that isn't organic, meaning it is potentially filled with harsh chemicals...not to mention the horrific "fragranced" selections available...seriously?! No thank you. I have been using a menstrual cup for a few months but sometimes I just can't be dealing with it and prefer tampons. In come...Time of the Month...

Time Of The Month (or TOTM for short) are a brand dedicated to using organic cotton for their sanitary products, meaning they're eco-friendly as well as being much better for our health & bodies. 

They are better for our health because:
  • Their products are perfume, viscose and rayon free. 
  • They do not use chlorine of dioxin to bleach their products
  • Their products are hypoallergenic to reduce the risks of vaginal irritations and allergies and are compatible with your bodies natural PH
  • They only use 100% pure certified organic cotton - a naturally breathable fibre which is healthier for your body
They are better for our environment because:
  • They do not use cellulose pulp, which is obtained from felling trees in rainforests. 
  • They are 95% biodegradable and dissolve naturally in landfills.
  • All of their products have been certified by the ICEA (Environmental & Ethical Certification Institute) and GOTS (Global Organic Standard) Associations.
Most women don't know what is in regular sanitary products and considering (if you use tampons) you're putting something inside your body for, on average a whole week per month, almost all day, and it could potentially have been bleached or have perfume or other nasty chemicals in it, it is a pretty scary thought. 

TOTM are also dedicated to making sanitary products that don't necessarily look like the usual shocking bright orange or green ones you get on supermarket shelves that, if your bag spilt over the floor, everybody would see! They have designed really discreet but sleek packaging so you won't be ashamed or embarrassed should anyone see them (the wrappers are much brighter on the photo than in real life!) They come in discreet white boxes and you can buy little canvas bags that have TOTM on them (let's face it, this could stand for anything...TOP OF THE MORNING to ya!)

I was kindly sent a few products from their range and thought I'd let you know what I thought. Without going into too much detail, (cause nobody needs to know that) these worked really well. There isn't really any difference to normal tampons which is great because it means I can switch to these organic tampons without any sacrifices from mainstream brands. I used three different sizes and all worked just as well as each other and kept me feeling at ease whilst on my period. There were no leakages and I've even started my own subscription to these as I'm so impressed so I won't be running out anytime soon!

You can get these online at TOTM (where you can get a free trial) and on Feel Unique, both as a monthly subscription service that you can cancel at anytime.


*PR Samples
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  1. Well done Amber! No one ever wants to talk about this stuff yet my top viewed video is my menstrual cups one so clearly people want to know more about alternatives.
    Great to hear that you can switch to a more eco and body friendly option without any kind of compromise.
    Rach xx

  2. Great to see you also sharing your thoughts on this company, I reviewed their pads. I definitely think more ladies should consider what products they use every month for health and environmental reasons :)

  3. Thanks Rach! I think it's crazy that nobody talks about it but everybody obviously wants to search and look for it! xx

  4. Thanks Sarah! I saw your review too, I agree with you :)

  5. Great post. Would be interested to hear your thoughts on the menstrual cup too! I've looked into them but haven't taken the plunge yet :) x

  6. I love the little canvas bag! I use a menstrual cup too and have been for about five years. They are great but it completely freaked me out the first time someone told me about them! 😉 These sound great as a backup to have in my bag just in case though. The downside of menstrual cups is that you can't really tuck one in each handbag, pocket or desk drawer for emergencies or a friend in need.