Organic September Day 28: Raw Halo Artisan Chocolate

28 Sep 2015

Today's post is about raw artisan chocolate. I already wrote a post on Organic Chocolate however I thought these Soil Association certified raw bars deserved their own post. 
Raw Halo is an artisan, raw chocolate brand who create bars made from cashew nut butter, lucuma powder  and other superfood ingredients that are much healthier for you than standard chocolates. They are dairy free, refined sugar free and suitable for vegans too.

Before I get onto how delicious the actual chocolate it, can we just appreciate how cute the packaging is!? Both came wrapped in the most adorable paper and gold foil packets and would make a lovely addition to a food hamper or gift for someone. 
Their Pure Mylk Bar* and the Pure Mylk Crispies Bar* are both made with 100% organic ingredients including raw cacao butter, coconut sugar, raw cacao powder, cashew nuts, lucuma powder and inulin powder. The Crispies are made from buckwheat.

I've tried raw chocolate before and I have liked it but never really bought anymore as it's quite soft and different to normal chocolate, however these really impressed me. They're not soft like other brands and they're not actually that different in taste to normal dark chocolate bars which is great for me as I am pretty fussy. They are quite strong in flavour, so I wouldn't be able to eat a whole bar in one sitting, so they'd be perfect for a little healthy snack or dessert, without filling your body with refined sugars and unhealthy ingredients. The plain mylk one was my favourite as the crispies didn't have too much flavour but they are both really tasty. If you like dark chocolate, you'll love these! They do also have a Dark Collection, so I bet that's pretty dark and I also have my eye on their Dark & Sweet Orange and the Mylk with Salted Caramel.
They are £3.50 for a 32/35g bar so they're not the cheapest and would definitely be a treat for me, here & there but the packaging and the fact they're 100% raw and organic would sway me towards the brand. 

Have you tried Raw Halo? What's your favourite flavour?


*indicates PR sample

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