Organic September Day 12: Organic Beauty Wishlist

12 Sep 2015

If you watched my latest Periscope, you'll know I don't need anymore products..but a girl can still wish, right?

Therapi Honey Lemon Myrtle Moisturiser
I had the full size of this moisturiser but in the Orange Blossom scent, however I recently got a sample of the Lemon one and my skin loves it too as it helps when I have any blemishes. 

Circaroma Refreshing Body Lotion
I just finished my Lavender & Vetiver body lotion which was lovely, but I thought this Ginger & Pink Grapefruit scent sounded nice too. It's really lightweight and sinks in quickly but still moisturises well.

Bamford Cleansing Balm
You all should know by now how much I love me a cleansing balm..and when it comes from a company as gorgeous as this one...ahhhhh! Bamford now have clothing in their collection (I'm not sure how long they've had this, I only knew they had skincare & bodycare up until recently), but it's preeeetttyyyy pricey with some scarves at £895.00!!! Eek, a girl can dream hey!

Mahonia Clear Skin Formula
My skin has been pretty good recently. It actually stayed pretty spot free whilst I was using the Pai Zinc & Copaiba Serum...then I ran out of it and wanted to see if my skin stayed spot free, and it did. But now it's now great at the minute again and I came across this tincture from NYR. You're supposed to take 2ml a day to help keep skin clear from the inside out.

What organic beauty products are you lusting after this month?

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