Herbs in Skincare with Herbfarmacy | Organic Beauty Week

19 Sep 2016

Herbs are at the heart of organic skincare brand Herbfarmacy who are based in the beautiful hills of Herefordshire in the UK. Their ingredients are home-grown on their organic fields where founder & botanist Paul Richards has been growing herbs for over 30 years.
Herbs in Skincare with Herbfarmacy | Organic Beauty Week
Herbfarmacy harness the healing nature of organically grown herbs to create their skincare products which are ideal for sensitive skin conditions. Their range is certified organic by the Soil Association which goes to show you can trust the brand and the people behind it. Herbfarmacy is one of those brands that you can just tell has a lot of love put into it, with a passion for truly organic skincare and the herbs they put inside their products.

Calendula, marshmallow and echinacea are just a few of the signature herbs they blend into their award-winning skincare products. All of the herbs are grown and handpicked on the farm when at their freshest to ensure they are as potent and effective as possible.

One of Herbfarmacy's favourites is marshmallow as it is the ultimate herbal soother for the skin and why it can be found in most of their products. The roots of marshmallow contain soft mucilages that become gel-like in water and give a soft, silky feel on the skin. They also attract and hold moisture in the skin's surface, making it ideal for dry & sensitive skin. Mallow Beauty Balm is one of Herbfarmacy's hero product as its a great all-rounder that can be used all over to soften and hydrate skin. I love using this as a cleanser too!
Herbs in Skincare with Herbfarmacy | Organic Beauty Week
Herbs in Skincare with Herbfarmacy | Organic Beauty Week
Calendula grows at its best on the farm in August, which is when you'll spot this herb glowing a beautiful orange shade as their vibrant double flowers open up. Calendula is an amazing herb for calming sensitive and trouble skin, thanks to it's anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It can be found in their Replenishing Face Cream which is their most intense moisturiser that is ideal for ageing or dry skin.
Herbs in Skincare with Herbfarmacy | Organic Beauty Week
Echinacea is one of the most visually beautiful herbs grown on the farm, reaching over a metre in height and producing a stunning mass of colour. It has a delicate, enchanting scent and is loved by bees and butterflies! Whilst it is typically known as a remedy for colds, this herb is valuable in skincare as a mild astringent for toning, and creams for younger or acne-prone skin. You'll find this herb in their Rose & Echinacea Toner which is a simple yet effective product with damask rose water and echinacea flower water as the two main ingredients.
Herbs in Skincare with Herbfarmacy | Organic Beauty Week
You may have noticed they've had a bit of a makeover too - isn't it beautiful? Their new green jars & bottles and labels show off the true nature of this wonderful brand.

Herbfarmacy are celebrating Organic Beauty Week by offering 20% off on their website. Simply use code "ORGANIC20" at checkout and enjoy your organic goodies!


*This post is sponsored by Herbfarmacy for Organic Beauty Week*
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