Christmas Gift Guide with Bloom Remedies

8 Nov 2016

Bloom Remedies are an award-winning natural & organic brand based in beautiful Cornwall in the UK. This family-run Cornish company hand make all of their products in small batches using active plant extracts, organic base oils and beautifully scented essential oils.

Bloom's founder, Marie Hall, has a huge passion for essential oils and creating her own blends, which shines through in all of her products. The scents are simply heavenly and each blend has specific therapeutic properties that offer wonderful benefits when the products are used. There is a selection of different scents in the wellness therapy range including Serenity Slumber, Peaceful Mind, Clear Vitality, Deep Release and the newest addition to the family; Restorative Rose. Bloom's products are the perfect way to start 2017 with the right mindset for a positive year ahead.
Amber's Beauty Talk Christmas Gift Guides | Bloom Remedies

Starting off with the beautiful range of bath products, an ideal gift for someone who loves a relaxing bath would be the Serenity Slumber Bath Set which comes wrapped in a gift box and features a Bath Oil and a Body Oil in a relaxing & soothing blend of Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Sweet Orange, Lavender, Patchouli & Cedarwood. Enjoy a wonderfully relaxing bath using the oil and afterwards, apply the body oil in place of your moisturiser to allow the therapeutic blend to sink into your skin. The set also includes a Ramie Eco Shower Mitt to polish and smooth your skin whilst in the bath. Priced at £19.50, this is a beautiful & affordable gift and you can also purchase the products separately too which is a great way of putting together your own selection.
Amber's Beauty Talk Christmas Gift Guides | Bloom Remedies
Another product from the Serenity Slumber range is the Bath Salts which are made with dead sea salt to help replenish our natural mineral levels. The salts also help to soften our skin and the same therapeutic blend as the oils above will have mood relaxing benefits for the recipient enjoying a truly relaxing bath. If you're looking to treat someone who loves their roses, the Restorative Rose Bath Oil would be perfect. A truly luxurious blend of heart-opening Rose, strengthening Cedarwood and balancing Rose Geranium, this bath oil is the ultimate treat that should be a staple in your weekly routine to encourage self-love.
Amber's Beauty Talk Christmas Gift Guides | Bloom Remedies

If you're more of a shower person (like me!) then you'll love the next products I'm going to share. Moving onto another therapeutic blend from Bloom's range -  Deep Release - this blend is uplifting and detoxifying and the perfect way to start your new year detox. The Deep Release Shower Set has a Body Wash and Body Oil that will uplift and warm your muscles & mind with a blend of Ginger, Lemongrass, Lime, Cypress, and anti-inflammatory Plai.
Amber's Beauty Talk Christmas Gift Guides | Bloom Remedies
Another product which would complement these two products perfectly to create the ultimate detoxing routine is the Deep Release Sea Salt Body Scrub. I've reviewed this previously and it's a seriously good scrub that will slough away dry skin whilst warming your muscles and releasing tension in tight, aching muscles.
Amber's Beauty Talk Christmas Gift Guides | Bloom Remedies
Last but certainly not least is a range of wellness therapy products to uplift, nurture and soothe the mind. Marie has created a range of pulse point roll-ons in three of her blends; Restorative Rose, Deep Release and Serenity Slumber and it comes as a beautiful gift in a Pulse Point Roll-On Trilogy Set. These roll-ons are one of the best and easiest ways to introduce aromatherapy into your daily life. Simply keep them in your handbag and apply whenever required throughout the day to enjoy the therapeutic blends.
Amber's Beauty Talk Christmas Gift Guides | Bloom Remedies

There's also a larger gift set which has a Bath Oil and Pulse Point Roll-on in a beautiful blend of Cedarwood, Petitgrain, Patchouli & Ginger from the Peaceful Mind range. This Aromatherapy Set is the perfect duo for calming the mind, soothing anxiety and connecting the body to the root chakra. This set would be perfect for yogi's as the blend helps to ease restless thoughts to enjoy a deepened connection during yoga practice.
Amber's Beauty Talk Christmas Gift Guides | Bloom Remedies

Most of the gifts I've shared are available in all the different blends too, so if you know someone who loves a nice bath but they could do with a little bit of energy, go for the Clear Vitality Bath Oil or if a friend loves body scrubs & relaxing scents, choose the Serenity Slumber Body Scrub!

Bloom Remedies use 100% recycled and recyclable pots for their products and their amber glass bottles are adorned with vintage labels making Bloom’s packaging sure to delight any gift recipient, in addition to being 100% eco-friendly.  They are also completely natural, contain certified organic ingredients and are cruelty-free. Browse their beautiful range of products on their website & make someone's Christmas with their gifts!


This post is sponsored by Bloom Remedies. This does not affect my opinions and thoughts on the brand and I only work with brands I love.
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