2017 Plans & Blog Schedule

3 Jan 2017

Happy 2017 everyone! After a very busy 2016 with work, buying a house, getting engaged, running my blog and creating Nectar & Bumble, I'm ready to start 2017 with a fresh mind and a lot of new content ideas. N&B took up quite a lot of my time last year and whilst I'm still very busy with it all (yay!), it's settled down now into a steady routine so I'm able to put more focus on my blog content again.
In 2017 I hope to continue to grow my blog, bringing you posts on all my favourite green beauty brands and letting you know about new discoveries, and I'm going to stick to a schedule this year so you all know when to expect posts. I'm going to be posting every Tuesday and Thursday at 7am GMT, with an extra post on a Sunday for things like favourites posts, or beauty boxes & additional posts I can't fit in during the week, if necessary.

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Thank you to everyone for your feedback on my end of year 2016 survey, it was really helpful and gives me a good idea of where to start & what you'd all like to see more of in 2017. If you're yet to answer the survey, it would be a huge help if you could...(survey).


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